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sketch by c. schoenfeld

neighborhood bakery

Some of you know that I recently re-discovered painting a bit. Started when my son moved into his first own apartment and I suddenly had a room where I could have a bit of creative chaos…. smiles

So I tried and still try different things and techniques and really love to experiment with pastels, acrylics, gouache, oil sticks, collage and and and… but in spite of all the advantages of painting indoors and having a room—

most of all, I love to go outside, stand somewhere on a street corner or sit in a café, fineliner and sketchbook in hand, breathe in the moment and sketch what I see, what is happening this very moment.

Those sketches are always a bit messy, I never get the proportions right (and I don’t



care) people move in and out of the pic – I capture some and leave out others – you would not recognize the people – and it’s ok – sometimes I just wanna sketch the movement – I add those details that catch my eye and cut others – I focus on whatever I think is worth focusing on and just leave the rest unmentioned – so it’s always very personal,  individual and subjective – still, people who know the place will recognize

I sketch quickly – I don’t erase – I go with my mistakes and make the best of it – I watercolor the sketches at home but I don’t change anything else. The reason is: if you start trying to “improve” you may get a technical improvement but the sketch always loses a bit of its life and spontaneity as well

sketch by c. schoenfeld

in the car in front of basel train station

So for today, I want us to write “Sketchbook poetry” – poetry that captures a scene – poetry that is immediate and in the moment – jot down what you see – maybe even go for a walk and write outside – go into heavy details with what catches your attention, cut other things out

You decide how your “sketch” is going to look – you decide how detailed it will be – you decide how straight or crooked the lines are – and you decide on the colors you add – don’t think too long about it – get your pen and write away – be generous with your mistakes – it doesn’t have to be perfect but let us feel the life, the moment, movement, noise, shades – write with all your senses wide open…

sounds good? sounds frightening? I promise, you will have fun…. and I’m looking forward to getting a glimpse into your world…

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  • Write a poem that fits the prompt above
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  • Have fun…