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dverselogoWelcome to OpenLinkNight, my name is Brian Miller and I will be your host this evening on our poetic journey.

Some of you may have heard the rumor earlier this week that we were closing the doors…and 48 hours ago, that was the case—

It’s tiring running a poetry community. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes each week to make the prompts happen, to touch the poets that visit with meaningful responses & recently we have had more and more poets link that don’t visit others or return visits—and it wears you down.

When you are worn down, you start looking at things differently. You stop seeing the beauty in things & you can even start to resent things that really mean a lot to you. Having pub tenders leave to pursue other projects, finding the right replacements — people willing to put in the work and show that in how they give each week.

It all came to a head this week.

Telling the staff Thursday we were closing was not easy. And it started quite a few conversations that ultimately led us to change our minds. We will not be closing, but we will be making some changes.

Starting next week, on Tuesday, we will not be having OpenLinkNight…we will be having Poetics and one of our pub tenders will be providing a prompt for you to write to.

MeetingTheBar will remain on Thursday.

OpenLinkNight will now become a once a month special event that happens over the last weekend of the month.

We will continue to have interviews, PubTalk and Pretzels on Mondays.

Our hope is to provide our pubtenders more time on the weekends for family and to pursue other projects—and cut down on the wear and tear, giving us the opportunity to see dVerse last for years to come.

So let’s enjoy the evening. Have fun mingling. We hope you join us on this new journey.

If you are new, here is how it works:

  • Write a poem and post it to your website.
  • Click on the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name and direct url or web address to the poem.
  • There you will find others that have joined in—stop in, visit with them, let them know what you liked about their poem.
  • If you use social media to promote yourself, tag it @dversepoets so we can find you and help you promote.

See you out on the trail.   ~Brian