dverselogoHi everyone,

hope you had a great start into the new week

Instead of pubtalk today just a short reminder on our new schedule that goes live tomorrow…

We will have:

Pretzels on mondays,
Poetics on tuesdays,
Meeting the bar on thursdays
and OpenLinkNight every last saturday of the month

The reason for this is to give the whole team a bit more time for friends and families and to re-charge batteries a bit…smiles

On another note: Brian will be around a bit sporadic probably those next few days as his father is in the hospital at the moment. If you get a chance, stop by his blog and give him a mental hug and if you’re the praying sort, he def. would appreciate this as well.

Now getting the pub ready for Anthony who has a very cool Poetics prompt in store for us tomorrow… smiles

See you around…