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Some of you may know d’Verse has made quite a few changes to better suit our goals for the community, as well as longevity and smoother productivity – I like to think of that as evolving.

So, I thought a great prompt for this week would be one that surrounds evolution.

Evolution is a gradual process of development and I wanna know how have you evolved as a poet.

Any defining moments or experiences that directly affected your writing?

If you’ve read my poetry, I’m sure you’ve noticed 99% of my work focuses on the darker side of life.

I, myself, am a pretty humorous and easy-going person in reality, but I developed a passion for finding the beauty in pain at an early stage of writing. Seeing my mother struggle with illness throughout her life gave me the gift of taking on the pain of others; not in a way that would make my own heart ache, but in way that let me turn it into a beautiful work of art. I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason, and I realize that some of those things, I cannot change. Writing dark poetry became my way of finding peace.

With that being said, for today’s prompt, I would like you to write a poem that is influenced by certain times in your life that made you the poet you are today. It might be a big, stand out moment and/or a small one that touched your heart… 

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with… let’s have fun, poets.

Here’s how we get down:

  • Write a poem that fits the prompt on your blog/webpage
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name & direct url to your poem
  • There you will find other poets’ work for today’s prompt – engage with one another and have a good time learning from each other
  • Feel free to share using the social media of your choice