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We often are told to look at the big picture and to stop worrying about the minutia. Poets, though, I have found, can be sure to take things to another level. This is a double challenge!

Micro Poetry – like the kind we share on Twitter. Or in texts if you are old school. 140 characters is the limit. When you go over your characters in Twitter it shows them highlighted and in the negatives – eesh!

But what could inspire micro poetry? Hmmmmm…how about….

Macro photography! I love taking big shots, the prairie skies are famous for their size, their sheer size of unobstructed open blue. The range of clouds to be seen from horizon to horizon can be terrifying for those who come from places where the human hand creates horizons and frames them in with buildings. My love is truly macro photography. Searching the grasses and flowers for the perfect bee to photograph. Attempting a capture in flight. Seeing the veins on the wings of a dragonfly. Or how the antennae seem fuzzy or dotted on a butterfly.

I invite you to my albums with some of my macro photography. If you have your own, or permission to use someone’s, please feel free to do so.

Here are the album links:

Album 1

Album 2

Picture 1

Picture 2

Here are a few that I have not shared anywhere else, so they are very fresh for your eyes!

shanyn1shanyn3I invite you to think in the frame of micro poetry and to be inspired by macro photography. If we are friends on Facebook and you’ve seen a photo posted that you like, or any from my Photos by Shanyn page, feel free to use them. Be inspired!

Spring is on the way for us, and today was our first day of actual melting since the first snows fell last year. Soon the air will be alive with bursting buds, buzzing bees and all sorts of amazing animals returning to their summer homes, or passing through as they migrate north again.

If you use a photo that is not mine, or yours, please ensure you give both proper credit and have permission.

So, here is today’s challenge: write a poem in 140 characters (spaces not included, actual characters) and include a macro photo that inspired it.

If you are new, here is how it works:

  • Write a poem based on the prompt and post it to your website or blog
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  • Have fun!