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Sacre Coeur//Paris

Last week when I met Mary and Gabriella in Paris, we went to the Musée d’Orsay to see a Van Gogh/Artaud exhibition.

At one point french writer Antonin Artaud mentions this invisible wall, located between what we feel and what we can do.

And I thought “Yes, I know this wall, I know exactly what he’s talking about – I’m facing it all the time – when I paint, write – whenever I get creative, this invisible barrier between what I feel/ what I really Want to express and what I Can express.

Does this sound familiar?
Are you facing this wall as well sometimes?
What are you doing to get through it?
Does it make you angry?
Or did you find a way to make peace with it?

I talked to Mary and Gabrielle a bit – and then made my way back through the crowds to see what Arnaud wrote of how he thinks is the best way to deal with this wall – but then – that’s just his personal opinion – so instead of telling you, I would rather love to throw out the “wall question” out there – and looking forward to the conversation…