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Have you ever wanted to ask a dolphin why it swims? Or thought you were leaving a trail of tie-dye footprints with every step? Like to have deep conversations… with yourself?

If you nodded yes to any of thee above, congrats—you’re gonna love this prompt; if not, open your mind – there’s still hope…

By now, you either have a clue as to what’s gong on, or still wondering, *what the hell is DMT!?!? Well, that’s the acronym for Dimethyltryptamine (d-meth-yl-trip-tə-mēn).

It’s the most common drug, and also the rarest; our brain secretes the chemical when we go to sleep, and that is what causes us to dream.

I was inspired to write this after being intrigued by the song, ‘DMT’ from one of my favorite rappers, Jay Electronica. After doing some research, I had to think of a way to turn this into an awesome prompt. First, I thought about putting this up at 10pm, telling everyone to take some psychedelic drugs and write me in the morning. But that’s too dangerous, I suppose… So, I’ve decided to run with the idea of writing like you’re in a dream-like state; and by that I mean, include elements that are completely erroneous and infeasible in real life. A good example is the aforementioned song – watch the video ().  


If you pay close attention to the words, Jay Electronica states a profound message while his metaphors give a firm understanding of why it’s titled, ‘Dimethyltryptamine.’

Whether you want your entire poem to be a psychedelic trip or just the metaphors – the choice is yours.


Here’s how we get down AKA the rules:

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