Hope you’re all having a lovely Monday

A short update on our 3 year pub celebration contest… submissions are closed now and we’re in the process of sorting and then will decide who gets included with how many poems… this will take a while – so please be patient – we will keep you in the loop as we go… smiles
Really looking forward to this

After collaborating with blueflute and Mike Jewett in the last two anthologies it will be a big adventure to do the publishing ourselves this time – first steps in a new land – that’s exciting.

So we will figure things out and by the way are curious if any of you have experience with self-publishing their poetry already.

If so, it would be interesting to hear how it went for you – the tools you used – the whole process – did you do some marketing?

How did you get your book – new and bright and shiny out onto the market?

On which platforms are you selling them? Paper or Kindle version as well?

Care to share?
The comments are open and we’re eager to learn from you