Theron Kennedy

Theron Kennedy

Theron Kennedy has been writing since the age of seventeen. He has written songs, and poems in many styles. Theron was in a full band that was compared to Black Eyed Peas at the time. They had many musicians including guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, sometimes trumpet and saxophone. He did rap vocals, wrote lyrics, booked, and helped promote their shows. He did about twenty shows after the band. He also booked and promoted those events. He has done talk radio and hosted a show called Big Urban’s Reality Show on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bigurban back in 2008. Since August of 2008, Theron has been focusing more on writing which includes the studying of art forms and the development of his voice as a writer. He has written over 1200 poems and has read a lot of classic poets but is heavily influenced by a lifelong love for Hip Hop. He has self published a book called Love Always Theory on Lulu.com and Amazon.

Theron considers himself an Artist and plans to continue to sculpt his craft and produce for the rest of his life. He is concentrating on having writing as a career and gathers a body of work over time. He tells an ongoing story with his poetry and tries to make it very visual and wants his poems to become short films and ultimately movies. He also tutors English as a second language online and has students in several countries. In addition to writing, and being an online learning coach, he was also the marketing director for a podcast called DJ Grandpa’s crib that helps raise the visibility of kickstarter campaigns.

by Theron Kennedy

My sunrise was
the sound of your
heels on the hall.

Like the oxygen
was suddenly richer
and there was bliss
in my brain.

The moment your skin
was on mine
Mary Shelley wrote

I walked through
my thoughts like
a 6’5 toddler.

My mouth searching
for the words
to describe how
I felt.

My lips tasting
your sweet breath
reminscent of
Italian volcano juice
the blood oranges
and tangerines.


What would you like to see your poetry evolve into?

I want to make movies.

Theron3If you had to lose one of your senses which would it be?

My sense of direction. I don’t mind feeling lost. Some of my most unforgettable experiences happened when I felt lost.

If you had your life (thus far) to do over, is there anything you would change?

What poem are you?

I am Give All To Love by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Free verse or form and if form which one and why?

I enjoy writing rhymes. I am my favorite rhyming poet. I play with other styles but I enjoy rhyming so much more than any other.Theron4 hardrockcafe

What is your greatest accomplishment, outside of writing?

My son says I’m the best Dad in the world.

How do you usually become inspired……using an image, an emotion, an experience?

I can do an Ekphrasis as well as anyone I know. I am usually more inspired by emotional experiences.

by Theron Kennedy

I realized some bridges need to be burned
so that I can’t go back
to chasing ghosts that haunt my dreams
This is not how I thought it would go
I thought if I gave you room
you would feel free in that freedom
understanding love
choose we
but now its just me
realizing thinking knowing
Its time for my departure
a pivotal moment
I keep telling myself
not to look back
because in some universes
this bridge is
only in my imagination
a hologram
created by my longing
for how coming back to life feels
I’ve been combing through it
like a crime scene investigation
grieving like a funeral
looking for someone like you
selfishly praying to you
wishing you would stop me
watching the clock
hoping you will break
tell me not to go
wishing that you would know
that I let you go
because I know what love is
Now boarding
flight 518 to Shanghai
with a 4 and 1/2 hour layover
freezing as our cold war
leads to no more
I don’t want to go back
without you I feel homeless

Theron5Where can we find you?

My poetry blog is www.afterabby.com. My Twitter is /BigUrban. My Facebook is /TheronKennedy.

I appreciate the interview very much. I’m always open to them.

Thank you, Theron. Now it’s time for questions from our dVerse readers. Let’s go!