Recently I read the book “Everyday matters” by Danny Gregory.
And it really moved me

It’s about sketching

It’s about coping with an accident that his wife had and how it changed their whole life

But mostly for me it’s about learning to see how the things around us really are
instead of assuming they’re like this and that

It’s about looking closely
about letting the everyday surprise you
about taking off the glasses of generalization and putting away stamps or stencils

Danny says that sometimes people draw badly because they draw symbols instead of what they see.

And when I read this I thought if we’re not careful it can happen in our poems as well

It can happen that we feel or see something and instead of looking or listening closely we take a pattern that comes close – or we write about it in a way someone else has written about it
But somehow – the poem feels pale?
Have you experienced this?
I have – and it’s a struggle sometimes to find out how something feels for me or how it really looks like?
Or how I want it to look like?
Sometimes it takes courage as well – sometimes I just can’t find the words – but I really wanna keep trying…

So for today it doesn’t really matter what you write about
Just take time to look at it before you start writing
Look closely
How does it look exactly?
How does it make you feel?
What would be good words to describe it? New words to describe it?
Try to look at it with fresh eyes
As if you saw it for the first time

Have a go?
Looking forward to see a glimpse of your world through your eyes!

Have fun writing!!

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