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Some things are better left unsaid, when that happens – put it in a poem.

Being outspoken is the way of life for this generation (not to count out those who were before it became trendy). Personal truths are louder than ever, even with the risk of looking foolish and failing to coalesce; if everyone thought you were wrong, would you still stand for what you believe in?

But even those who speak their mind have things they would like to confess…
Do you have any fears, frustrations, or just something that’s eating you from the inside?

That’s what we’re writing about today.

Incorporate your confession into the poem OR as the topic
for the entire piece. It doesn’t not have to be personal to you;
if your piece is centered around a fictional confession, that’s fine as well.

The Rules:

Write a poem that fits the prompt on your blog/webpage
Click the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name & direct url to your poem
There you will find other poets’ work for today’s prompt – engage with one another and have a good time learning from each other
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