Hello and welcome to Dverse.  This is Bill hosting for the first time, and I’m glad you stopped by.  Tonight is an open link night night and we at Dverse look forward to reading your poems and hearing what’s on your mind.

I was wondering what makes poetry resonate with you ?  I know when I read poetry, the word or line or quote that is perfectly placed jumps out at me – that bridges time and culture to share emotion across the page.  When that moment happens, and someone comments “I get it”, or “I see it”, poetry has communicated a part of you to another.  Where prose tends to be precise, the ambiguity of poetry leaves room for an emotional connection.

Here’s to reaching out through verse tonight, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

The Rules:

  • Write 1 poem on your blog/webpage
  • Click the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name & direct url to your poem
  • There you will find other poets’ work for today’s prompt – engage with one another and have a good time learning from each other
  • Feel free to share using the social media of your choice.