A young woman Reading by Rembrandt

A young woman Reading by Rembrandt

Hello Poet friends. I think we have come to a wonderful start so far.

We have started a new series on Monday that is more about reading poetry than writing, sharping our ability to identify our poetic devices. Please join in the intense discussions we have on Mondays. Remember to sharpen your poetry by reading as many as possible of the poems tonight.

We’ve had our first Guest-blogger on Poetics, Kathleen brought in the wind and inspired some great poetry. We will have more guests helping out later and I hope you will all be pleasantly surprised.

And not the least we have opened up for Open Link more frequently, every second Thursday you can link up any poem you like. Of course I encourage you to revisit old prompts that might interest you, or maybe go back to the discussions that we have had on the Monday Bar. Maybe today is the day to follow through and take that bold step in your poetry we discussed on Monday.

For many of us April is extra intense, as April is National Poetry Month in the US. There will be many prompts, but there also many pledging to write a poem per day.

This really brings me to a point of sorts. Sometimes we all face what is called writers block. Why not spend a minute or two sharing your best tip to overcome writer’s block. Maybe something we can use in a future prompt.

Participating is easy

  • Enter a link directly to your one poem and your name by clicking Mr Linky below
  • There you will find links to other poets, and more will join during the next 33 hours
  • Read and comment on other poet’s work, we all go here to have our poems read
  • Promote your site and poetry you like on social media of your choice
  • Have fun