Desert Island Discs is a British biographical and factual radio program.  It was first broadcast by the BBC on January 29, 1942.

Week after week, the guest, called a ‘castaway’ for the sake of the program, is asked to choose eight pieces of music that they would like to take with them to a desert island. These musical choices provide the host with opportunities to discuss her guests’ lives.

In addition to the music, the castaway is asked which book they would take with them on the island; they are automatically given the Complete Works of Shakespeare and either the Bible or another religious or philosophical work.

Of course, the discussions about the music and the book make for fascinating conversations about childhood, life landmarks, griefs or joys. If you have never listened to Desert Island Discs, I advise you to look at their archives and listen to one or two. The collection includes actor Stephen Fry, singer Noel Gallagher, composer John Barry, the Archbishop of Canterbury, etc, As for naturalist Sir David Attenborough, he has been invited four times.

Desert Island Discs celebrated its 3,000th edition in 2014. For the occasion all sorts of data was released about this beloved program. The most popular musical choice has been Ode to Joy by Beethoven while the most requested artist is Mozart. The Beatles have been chosen 264 times.

Regarding books, Kingsley Amis requested The collected poetry of Robert Graves, Helen Mirren chose The Bhagavad Gita while Stephen Fry preferred TS Eliot’s Four Quartets.

I am now asking you to imagine you were the one stranded on the desert island. What book of poetry is so important to you that you would take it with you and read it over and over again?