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Today we are already at our third haibun Monday. If you have not participated before, please check out our first one we had in September.

Each time we will use different ways to trigger inspiration. and today I wanted to use one single piece of art to inspire you. But first a few words on ekphrasis. As many other words it comes from Greek, and comes from “out” and “speak”, it means in essence any description, but it have come to mean a graphic often dramatic description of a piece of art. However, to merely describe the piece will not create the effect I am after today. One way to test your haibun is to see if the art, the prose and the haiku works by themselves, but combined you achieve something larger than the separate units.

I have found that working with art from Vincent van Gogh often works very well.

View of the church of Saint Paul de Mausole by Vincent van Gogh

View of the church of Saint Paul de Mausole by Vincent van Gogh

I have intentionally chosen a piece that is not one of his most well-known to avoid any previous feelings you have had. Dive into the painting and find your own prose, your own emotions. Or maybe start with the haiku and go from that. Try to see it with fresh eyes, put own your favorite music, and start writing.

Try to keep your haibun reasonable in length, try to keep a clear narrative out of the prose, and use one single haiku at the end.

Remember the prompt is open for a whole week, so there is plenty of time to write, read and comment on everyone.

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  • Have fun