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Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Wikipedia Commons


I would have to guess that most of us like to be in control, or at least, live under the illusion that we are in control. For some, this becomes the major sticking point in relationships, and it pours into our work environment, even into our writing—where we are in charge of those words until it’s time for critique. But there is one area in which we can’t even come close to domination, and that is the weather.

As I write this, (the end of October) I’m enjoying a few days in the California desert. The thermometer tells me it’s 92 degrees (F). Yesterday morning, my husband up in Northern Nevada told me it was 22 so he covered his droopy tomato plants in sheets and plastic. I saw on the news that Texas is flooding while friends who recently took a river cruise up the Danube had to be bused to their various destinations because the water in the river was so low.

Weather affects our emotions, activities, bottom lines, crops, recreation and so much more. Plans aren’t made without checking out weather reports and, even then, those meteorologists aren’t accurate much of the time and certainly aren’t in control of what comes blowing over those mountains to the West. They can only make calculated guesses.

In writing, we use weather to create mood. It is useful as a metaphor for human behavior and emotions, and works well to intersperse in blocks of dialogue to keep it from sounding too robotic or even boring.

Today, let’s take a look outside at the weather–wherever you happen to be. What’s it doing? How does it affect you or your activities? What kind of mood or metaphor does it suggest? Take that real and current information and write a poem so that, no matter where we happen to be, we will have updates from both hemispheres…a sort of global meteorological experience.

To join us:

  • Write your poem and post it on your website;
  • Copy and paste the URL of your poem in Mr. Linky at the bottom of this page;
  • Come on into the pub—settle in with a hot or iced drink, as the weather dictates;
  • Read your fellow poets and comment on their work;
  • Have fun.

Please invite others to join in, using your social media sites and by including the link to dVerse in your post. Anyone who introduces someone new to the pub will get a drink on the house!

For dVerse, this is Victoria, brewing up whatever you may wish to quaff your thirst for all things poetic.

Updated weather report in Reno, NV–awakened to 6″ or so of snow and downed power lines…but power is back and snow is already melting.