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Hello friends, poets, writers magicians,

Today it’s time for a new feature to write poetry. It’s not a new one, but yet we hope it can be something entirely unique.

The challenge combines two essential elements to have fun. The first we will base it on words. In this case a single word that has to be included in the body of your text. The second is that we want it to be limited to 44 words exactly including the given word.  This is right in the middle between the 33 words of Trifextra and the 55 of G-man’s challenge that I think many of you might have participated in.


The name Quadrille leads us into dance, and therefore for this premiere the chosen word is dance. But I will not stop there but you have to use it as a verb with and object. So not a noun or transitive verb.

In dictionary.com I found three ways to use dance with an object.

  • To take part in or perform a dance : She dances a quadrille
  • To cause to dance : She danced him round the room
  • To cause to be in a specified condition by dancing: “The dog danced itself to madness

You are free to choose tense of any of three meanings, and do it in exactly 44 words including the world dance.

So put on your red shoes…

  • Write your piece in 44 words exactly, including the given word.
  • Put it on your blog and Link back to this post
  • Link it up to Mr Linky above. The link will be open for a week
  • Visit comment and most of all enjoy the other entries