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Hello friends, this is Gayle and I’m pleased to be your hostess for Open Link Night.

We have now passed the Winter Solstice and our days here in the United States are slowly growing longer, little by little. It always raises my spirits as I realize this.  Even though I live in a part of the country that has almost perpetually sunny days, I sense a slight depression when it starts getting dark at 5:00PM during the winter!  I always look forward to the time change in March when our days will once again return to staying light until closer to 8:30PM during our summer months.  Quite a time difference!

I know many of you are still experiencing icy, snowy conditions where you reside and are clinging tightly to the promise of spring, and I hope that it comes sooner than later for you. We’re heading for a cool down the next few days here on the east coast of Florida and are looking forward to it.  So far, we’ve had an extraordinarily warm and rainy “winter.”

My sister and her husband visited from the Orlando area recently and we spent most of our days outside doing a little hiking. One day we drove to a nearby state wildlife preserve to walk and because of all the rain recently, we ended up wading through water that at times reached up to my knees.  I took my shoes off for most of the walk and slogged through the trails that were under water.  It actually was fun and I don’t remember the last time I had gone barefoot like that—maybe not since childhood…smiles.

If you feel comfortable doing so, why don’t we share a little something with each other today as we link up any poem of our choice.  It can help instill in each of us that we truly are a supportive community that values each of our contributors.

The following is how you link your poem and our guidelines for participation:

    • Leave a small comment below, and participate in our discussion.
    • Enter a link directly to your 1 poem and your name by clicking Mr. Linky below. You will find others’ links there for you to visit.
    • Read and COMMENT on other poet’s work, we all come here to have our poems read and a reciprocated comment is expected.
    • Promote your site and any poetry you like on the social media of your choice.
    • Please link back to dVerse from your poem.
    • Enjoy!