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Hello Friends, Today we have a guest giving us a prompt. His name is Matthew Henningsen and he blogs as theliterarydoc.com.

Hi Everyone,
I’m somewhat new to the dVerse community, and have enjoyed posting and getting to know everyone. As you might know, a lot of my poems are inspired by my love of travel. I love writing about the places I’ve been, and most importantly about how I remember all of these places. The memories I have. And how when I remember about my travels, how there’s that odd thing about memory… how you might change little details. Tweak certain things. Like:

In the Jungle

Beyond speech it is the
Sight of fresh rain over
A lone, ruined ruin. As
Pausing I pause and
Check my pockets for
Memories I left on stairs
To dark, bird-filled

Then aimless
Wanderings on days
When I plod with ancient
Elephants, elephants whose
Trunks crack and hack at

Rock beasts with worn
Out faces –
One eye,
Two teeth,
An ear that listens to forgotten
Music in the distance.

Mystic. Melancholy.

Smells of wasted Wats. The
Potent perfume of time
Etched on silent stones
That play a tune of war.
Memories washed away
With the falling, fragrant

As I wander off with
Tales in my feet, tales
Of worn out steps and
Statues with heads so
Sadly lopped

So, with these ideas in mind, I want you to consider the adventure of travel in your poetry today. Write about a place you’ve been, or a place where you would like to go, write of things that have or could have happened. Really build this place up, let your words be stones and mortar. What does it look like? What does it smell like? What are the sounds? The noises? Make me want to go to the place you describe. Let your poem be a travel magazine.

To become inspired, take a look at some of these photo from my recent travel to Peru.

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Here is how it works:

– Choose your destination
– Create a poem filling it with sensory details
– Make us want to go there in passion (or scare us from go there)
– Link it up below using Mr Linky
– Make sure to visit and comment, we all love both to write and be read.
– Promote your poem using social media of your preference.