Hello everyone and welcome to Open Link Night – 167. I hope you are doing good.

Whenever I host OLN, I encourage everyone here to talk about their creative journey – be it learning a new form, or theme or doing own freestyle experiments. For last few weeks, I have followed a lot of anonymous writing on twitter and seen some really brilliant examples. I tried writing anonymously as a part of different groups, poem trails.

Everyone from Dverse who have encouraged me have known me through my prompts or interactions through the blogs – so I was keen to find out if any of the readers can connect to my creativity through my style or my message and when they did, I was really happy. Though it doesn’t make much difference to what I usually write, micro poetry is really an interesting subject.

I would like to hear from you what’s new that you are writing, or thinking to write about. Let us celebrate poetry. If you are struggling for ideas, I suggest you go visit the prompts we have had since our last OLN.

I would like to share something to every participant on OLN, something that I have noticed over last couple of prompts. If anyone comments your blog, do not just reply to that comment on your own blog. Pay a return visit. I have noticed that those who join later or around the weekend, don’t get many visits in response either. Lastly, try to avoid posting something really big.

So, tonight join us with your poem but also visit everyone. Let us celebrate poetry.

Here is what you have go to do, if you are new.

  • Leave a small comment here, preferably participate in our discussion.
  • Enter a link directly to your poem and your name by clicking Mr Linky below
  • There you will find links to other poets, and more will join during the next 48 hours
  • Read and comment on other poet’s work, we all go here to have our poems read
  • Promote your and our site and poetry you like on social media of your choice
  • Please link back to dVerse from you site
  • Have fun, we all love poetry