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Hello, this is Björn, your friendly bartender for tonight. Just make yourself comfortable, the house has much to offer and I am here to listen to you. For many online poets April is a gruesome month. So many prompts so much writing to do. I try myself to do 30 poem this month (if not one every day).

Sometimes I feel that when we have the yoke of writing we miss out on reading, and I have seen that the number of comments has decreased on my own poems. I do understand that the duty of writing a poem per day can feel challenging, but I feel there is a risk of missing out on something essential.

To me poetry is just as much about reading as about reading and commenting, I learn loads about your poems, and to spend some time in actually find the essence, the core and inspiration that I might ultimately bring back into my own writing. Actually there are days when I have spend as much time formulating a comment as I have done with some of my own poems.

There are therefore days when I feel disappointed, and I know that when I took over managing the bar I felt I should never be offended, but for sure there are moments when I feel neglected too. I am sure that you feel the same as me many times. Maybe even more than me actually.

Please make sure that you go back and see who have actually commented on your poem and leave a comment back. I am sure that you will find renewed inspiration and grow as a poet as well as finding new friends online.

So today you can link up any one poem you want. It could be anything from a childhood poem to something just newly written, and if you really want a prompt you can look back inside our library for inspiration.

Since last OLN we have had the following prompts.

Poetics – Wheels of steel
dVerse Meeting the Bar: the Sevenling and
Poetics Fantasia

Have a lot of fun with us and smile.