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Yes, we need to clean a bit, rest a bit, unwind and get ready for a new year.

At a time like this, it’s good to look back a bit. There has been new poets joining, there have been new ones joining. Also there have been some changes behind the bar, and we have given opportunities to write three times a week.

We have also given the opportunity for guest appearances behind the bar.

On the other hand we have removed the bartalk. The chit-chat on anything about poetry, maybe on how to improve our writing, or sharing knowledge about our favorite poets.

During the autumn we have gradually started to collect poetry for a new dVerse anthology. Many of you are already contributors and have accepted to be included. We will continue a bit longer, so there will be a few more opportunities to become part of this fantastic collaboration.

So not I would like to leave the word with you:

Please tell us what we should keep, and what should change (or keep unchanged).
If you want, please share with us also what you want to learn (or maybe teach us).

We will be back with a Quadrille on January 2. That’s the best start of a new year we can offer.

Or maybe just share a micropoem in the comment field.