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We just celebrated two birthdays in our family which got me to thinking about birth-days. I had a friend who sent her mother a birthday card, on her own birthday. Her reasoning? It’s my mother’s “birth” day because she gave birth to me; and it’s my “born” day. I always thought that was an interesting way to think about it.

In the U.S., there are a number of big birthdays.

  • Although there hasn’t been a draft in the U.S. since the 1970s, males are still required to register with the federal Selective Service at 18, or within 30 days of that birthday. Females do not register.
  • “Sweet 16 and never been kissed” is a popular saying.
  • 21 means you’re “legal” and can drink alcohol
  • 40 is “over the hill”
  • 50 is the half-century mark

My guess is that big birthdays vary by country and culture. In our family, 10 was always very special because you reached the double digits! For my 10th birthday, my father gave me a birthstone ring. I’m sure the emerald was not real, but I felt so grown up when he put that ring on my finger.

Each of you has one special day a year when your birth is celebrated – unless you’re a Leap Year baby, which means your actual birth-day comes once every four years! Each of you also has a birthstone – the gemstone associated with your birth month. See the list below.

For today’s prompt, I’m asking you to write a poem that includes your birthstone. So for me, I would have the word emerald somewhere in the body of my poem. It could relate to the gem, to the color of grass after a refreshing spring rain, anything at all….but the body of my poem must include the word/name of my birthstone. Have fun with this one. You have free reign in terms of form, meter, rhyme etc. BUT, you must include the word that is your birthstone!

January: garnet
February: amethyst
March: aquamarine or bloodstone *
April: diamond
May: emerald
June: pearl or moonstone *
July: ruby
August: peridot 
September: sapphire
October: opal
November: topaz or citrine *
December: turquoise or tanzanite *
*Yes: some months list two stones! You only need use one.

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