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Hello, this is Frank Hubeny. The topic today is sleep.

One of my motivations for this topic was reading SarahSouthWest’s poem “Sleep” about not being able to get to sleep.  Sleep can suggest many things: rest, dreams, nightmares, or even death. Some people view sleep as a waste of time. Some view it as a source of inspiration. Even when we are awake, some claim that we are “asleep” and need to “wake up”. Some think there’s nothing but sleep and dreaming.

Another motivation for this prompt came from walking through Lincoln Park in Chicago a month ago and finding a statue dedicated to Eugene Field and his children’s poem, “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” . I must have “woke up” when I realized he meant “winking, blinking and nodding”. Here is Lucy and Carly Simon singing music written by Lucy to that poem (Source Carly Simon):

There are many ways to look at sleep. For this prompt, pick your favorite perspective on sleep and write about it. Post it. Copy the link to that post and paste it in the Mister Linky. Then read and comment on what others have written. Share in the dreams we bring to each other.