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Photo: Victoria Slotto

Haibun Monday—Shimo No Koe—First Frost’s Voice

The voice of frost, on a quiet windless night, can be heard when the earth and air whisper:shin shin. Sometimes I sit at our local temple and listen to this voice. Also in the bamboo grove we hear the shin shin of frost.
Dr. Gabi Greve, Daruma Museum, Japan

Shhhh. Do you hear that breathless whisper of Autumn’s first frost, shin shin?

In last week’s Quadrille, our own Kanzen Sakura spoke of the Japanese phrase for first frost’s voice, Shimo no koe. Because she has been derailed and I am filling in for her for today’s Haibun, I asked her if I may use this for today’s prompt.

What memories or sensual experience can you claim when you think of a first frost? Perhaps it is the withering of the garden that you’ve tended so carefully throughout the summer, the anticipation of the work of harvesting and clearing out the yard in preparation for winter, the scent of earthy loam and moldering leaves, the brilliant colors that trees are boasting, the crisp cool air that fills your lungs on your early morning walk or the persistence of that sheltered rose bush that continues to delight you with her blooms.

For today’s Haibun, I ask you to dig into your memories or go outside to conjure up a poem related to first frost—SHIMO NO KOE. Remember, a Haibun is a brief, 1-2 paragraph of poetic prose followed by a true Haiku that includes a word or phrase that references a season.

Read Kansen Sakura and her Quadrille/Haibun post here.

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(This challenge will be open all week so it’s not too late to join in. Read late-comers, too.)

For dVerse, this is Victoria, grateful to be here this week. Please send a prayer or good thought for Toni (Kanzen Sakura), that her eye problem will resolve quickly, and for my husband who will be having his second back surgery on Wednesday. I will see you at the pub where it’s a hot brandy or sake for those of you in cold climes and a cold something for those of you down under or in warmer areas. Have fun, be well.