Greetings dVerse Poets and welcome to Open Link Night! This is Kim, Writing in North Norfolk, your host for the next couple of days.

Last Thursday was National Poetry Day in the UK and everyone was posting and sharing their favourite poems on Twitter and Facebook, which is where I came across a wonderful post from the BBC of a platform announcer who reads poetry to commuters, for which I’ve provided a link below. Poetry is alive and kicking butt!


As most of you know, unless you’re a newcomer here, Open Link Night is when you choose any ONE poem of yours to share. There is no prompt and there are no specific instructions to follow. Enjoy your time here and pay your fellow pub-goers a visit as everyone makes the rounds of reading and sharing.

If you would like to be inspired a bit more, today the Nobel prize winner was announced and the British author Kazuo Ishiguro was awarded for being a writer who “in novels of great emotional force, has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world”.

I found this interview and thought it very inspirational:

Can you see a butler as a metaphor? What is a cheerful story?

I have always found it interesting to learn about new authors and dive into their books. Every tenth year or so it happens that you read a book before the prize is awarded and, this time, I think many of us knew about his books, whereas at other times you ask yourself: What?

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