Hello. This is Frank Hubeny. Happy Seventh Anniversary dVerse!

In honor of this anniversary the theme for Meeting the Bar is any seven line poem or, if one is feeling ambitious, a poem whose stanzas each contain seven lines.

We’ve done septets before. I recently discussed Chaucerian stanzas or rhyme royale which are seven line poems in iambic pentameter: https://dversepoets.com/2017/10/12/chaucerian-stanza-or-rhyme-royal/ I can’t believe that was almost a year ago. Birthdays and anniversaries come too fast, but it is wonderful celebrating them.

Your poem does not have to be a Chaucerian stanza. It does not have to rhyme. It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular. It just has to contain seven lines or have stanzas of seven lines each.

To enter this challenge, post a poem that has seven lines or seven line stanzas. That’s the only constraint. There is no special topic, but if you want one for inspiration, think “anniversary” or “birthday” or “Happy Anniversary dVerse!”

Once you have your post, copy the URL to that post and place it in the Mister Linky below. This will be open for two days. If you want you can drop a message in the comments below.

Check out the poetry of the others who have linked their posts. This is a way for us to get to know each other.