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Welcome to Poetics! I’m Jilly, your host and bartender. Since practice makes perfect, we gather here at the Poet’s Pub called dVerse to practice the fine art of poetry. There is, after all, no time like the present for writing and sharing our work.  So let us get to the task of this edition of Poetics because we all know the pen is mightier than the sword.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve used at least three adages thus far. We all know them, these pithy little maxims and proverbs that hold a kernel of truth, for many adages cross the bounds of culture and time.


For this week’s Poetics, we will start with an adage, or several adages, but we won’t stop there.  I am asking you to craft your poetry around an adage or two that you must change in some significant way.  Strike while the iron is falling and twist your adage(s) to some strange advantage.  We all know that time swims when we’re having fun, so dive in and swim around in some oddly spiraling words and word play.

After you have written and linked your own poem, please treat yourself and visit the other poets who are here; take the time to stop and eat the roses, as it were.  If you are inspired by this prompt and want to compose and post more than once, you are certainly welcome to do that, because two poems don’t make a blight.

Teaching Proverbs and Adages


Need some ideas of adages?  Try Here

You will also find a list of them here and here.

New to dVerse? Here’s the way to join us!

* Write a poem based on the prompt.

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* Provide a link to dVerse so that your readers can find us and participate. Feel free to share on social media sites as well.

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* Read and comment on other poets’ work. Be sure to check back later for more, as the prompt will be open until Thursday, August 30, 3 pm EST.

Have fun, y’all!