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Welcome to Open Link Night at dVerse!

This is your opportunity to put your feet up from any particular form or topic and post one poem of your choice. Of course, you may link up your latest villanelle that you may have already linked to the recent Form Poetry prompt by Sarah. If you missed Amaya’s Poetics, “Cascade”, this is another chance to respond. Whatever you choose, let the poetry party begin!

Hopefully you are enjoying the weather wherever you may be. This transition from winter to legitimate “Spring” has been very unpredictable in my area.Β  I thought I would share with you the work of some famous Canadian poets who have written in the spirit of spring.Β  Perhaps if I read them again and click my heels three times, the snow will vanish!?


The late Bliss William Carman was a famous Canadian poet from the Maritime province of New Brunswick. His ancestry includes a family link to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nature is a primary theme of his poetry. You can read more about him here. (poemhunter.com)

Image credit: poemhunter.com



Once more in misted April
The world is growing green.
Along the winding river
The plumey willows lean.
Beyond the sweeping meadows
The looming mountains rise,
Like battlements of dreamland
Against the brooding skies.
In every wooded valley
The buds are breaking through,
As though the heart of all things
No languor ever knew.
The golden-wings and bluebirds
Call to their heavenly choirs.
The pines are blued and drifted
With smoke of brushwood fires.
And in my sister’s garden
Where little breezes run,
The golden daffodillies
Are blowing in the sun.


Di Brandt is a a multiple award winning author and editor, known internationally through her many lectures, fellowships, readings and workshops. She is Winnipeg’s first Poet Laureate. You can read more of her bio here. (www.uwinnipeg.ca) Her work is published by Turnstone Press and Coach House Press.

Image credit: writersunion.ca



Today I am made of water, touch my shoulder and I leak
my belly a lake, my bones an open river flowing toward
sea, all this salt in me, who would have thought
dissolving into flesh, tears, an open wound, rubbed raw.

The wind of February sweeps the air clean, the sky with
its fugitive clouds, its murky definitions, vaguely white,
soon the clear pale lemon yellow fading into dark rose
and then blue black, the night with its cold sparkle, its
spectacular consolation.

And me in early spring thaw, gasping for new air,

imagine, in all this snow, melting.


(www.rattle.com, permission for use granted by Di Brandt)

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