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Hello friends and poets,

Today is the last of our pubtalk in a while. It has been fun to participate in the lively discussions, but I have been running dry on subjects. In four weeks time this feature will be replaced with something else (that I refuse to disclose yet).

My thought about the pubtalk have been to challenge us a bit about why we write and maybe how poetry can become relevant to more people.

You have probably heard it viewpoints like this:

  • Poetry is too difficult to read and understand, I hated it in school.
  • Poetry is not relevant to me, it’s all about the poet.
  • Poetry should rhyme/not rhyme, have meter or be free.

To some extent I agree with all the viewpoints. Reading it requires an effort, I need to understand not only myself but the poet, and sometimes I cannot find the musicality in the poem.

Today I just want to hear you think that poetry should be made as relevant as it once was. Where is our scene? Our readers?
(except here at dVerse)

Who should be our readers except poets?

I have tried to come up with a few ideas previously around this.

Should we be more controversial and provoke?
Should we tell stories or focus more on the style/form?
Should we include humor or politics?
Should we be intimate and personal?
Should we write more about the news?
Should we give answers or ask the questions?

Or is it simply passion we are lacking?