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Hello dVerse poets!

Recently a dear friend told me that her life feels like an onion. Just when she thinks her world has become fairly intact again, another layer loosens and breaks away, exposing a new challenge to face. I thought it was an effective analogy.  Darn, life is hard sometimes isn’t it? These “peelings” can leave us scarred but can also open us up to reveal the fibers of our being we didn’t know existed inside of us.

Today I offer you the word “peel” to include in your quadrille.

You may use it as a noun or a verb or play with it as a derivative….peelable, unpeelable. unpeeled.

You can “peel off” or “peel out”.

Are you a “peeler”? Do you save your peelings or throw them away?

So let’s get to it! No reason to sit back and watch the paint peel…hmm…or maybe that will inspire you.

Here’s how to join in:

  • Pen a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title using the word “peel” in some form. Post it to your blog or website.
  • Include a link back to dVerse so others can find us and join in too.
  • Copy and paste the direct link to your quadrille into Mr. Linky along with your name and check off the privacy policy.
  • Drop into the pub to say hello.
  • Visit, read and comment on the work of others.

Image credits: pixabay.com