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Photo: V. Slotto

How Does Your Garden Grow?

So many of us who weren’t avid gardeners before, are finding that the stay-at-home experience has taken us into the garden. Before the full sun rises, early in the morning, and then again late evening, after the sun has leaped over the Sierra Nevada, you will find me watering tomatoes, picking peas and inspecting the squash as it forms around huge orange blossoms.

This is Victoria, too long absent from the world of poetry, guest-hosting for the wonderful team at dVerse. Jumping back into the world of nursing as a caregiver for my husband, and especially caring for his garden which he started from seed in late winter, has kept me away from the keyboard.

But I’ve found a new joy this summer in that wonderful world of flowers and veggies and all things natural as I pick up the hoe and the hose and hit the yard. Gardening and love of nature are not new to me, but this is the first year I have been this totally immersed in growing our food. My muse is itching to describe the sun shining through pods, highlighting their contentes, or bees savoring the pollen of tomatoes and the many herbs we cultivate as they go to seed.

So, I want to invite you to join me in celebration of this summer, putting aside the chaos that surrounds us for a few hours. Let’s hop into the garden of words and write a quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words, excluding title, that uses any form of the word GARDEN.

If you are new to the game, here’s how to play: write your quadrille and post it to your blog; paste it into Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page; return to the Pub and read as many of your fellow contributors as you are able (not forgetting the late-comers), and enjoy. This prompt is open throughout the week.