Hello everyone!

Today we are truly live again. Today we run in a little different way. We are live on Google Meetup from when the bar opens at 3PM EST.

So please link up as usual and we will start the Open Link event as soon as people have gathered and everyone who wants will get the opportunity to read their poem. I will go call you by the list you link up but if you only want to listen that’s OK as well.

It should be easy to join and no software needs to be installed (but as usual you should remember to unmute when it’s your turn).

If this works out well, every second OLN will be live for the first 90 minutes.

I am also considering if this should be recorded, so those who miss it will be able to listen later, but this time we will keep it truly live.

So go ahead and link up your one poem, read and comment as usual.

Leave a comment below, and grab a drink and join us by clicking the microphone below.