Hello Friends,

Today December 10 is the day when the laureates of the Nobel prize would receive their prize from the hand of the king, and later at night, they would party with our royal and academic celebrities. There would be speeches and dresses. We would get to know what they are eating, all in a live broadcast.

The peace prize would have been delivered in Oslo at the same time, and we would have been able to see Louise Glück celebrate together with Emmanuelle Charpentier. This year it will be different like so many other things. So many live events are cancelled, and that is why we have added the live option to Open Link this year.

Just like at work I feel that distance has ceased to matter to some extent, we are joining from many parts of the world, and all of the sudden we have people from many places sharing a bit of their life in words and appearance.

We will continue to use Google Meet for the time being for a number of reason.

  1. You don’t need special software just run it in your browser (preferably chrome)
  2. You can run it on many types of devices, on your PC, on your tablet, or mobile (if you download Google meet from the app store)
  3. The free version allows for more people and time than other options.

I recommend that you use a headset to be able to be heard and get the best sound experience.

The live event opens at the same time as the bar opens (3PM EST, 9PM CET). Just click here to join:
I will be there to open up the door, with some glögg in my hand.

When we are ready to start I will call you one by one in the order you have linked up to read your poem. I will try to record the session again and hope it will be even better, The session will be published on dVerse youtube channel and I will put a link to video back here.

The pub is as usual open to everyone, and you can link up any one poem of yours in Mr. Linky below. Do not forget to visit and comment.