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Hello, dVerse Poets! Today is Prosery Monday. For prosery, you write prose incorporating given lines from a poem. The prose can be either flash fiction, nonfiction, or creative nonfiction, but it must be prose! Not prose poetry and not a poem. And it must be no longer than 144 words, not including the title. (It does not have to be exactly 144 words, but it can’t exceed 144 words.)

I explored the Poetry Foundation’s website, where I discovered Constance Urdang (1922-199), a poet I knew nothing about. That is my own ignorance. She wrote several collections of poetry, as well as a novel and novella. You can read more about her here.

BUT, for prosery, you don’t need to know anything about Constance Urdang or her poetry, though I invite you to explore it.

Some of you know I’m nearly as obsessed with clouds as I am with reflections. 😀 So, I’ve selected these lines from her poem “Clouds”:

“But these clouds are clearly foreign, such an exotic clutter

Against the blue cloth of the sky”

–from “Clouds” by Constance Urdang

You can read the entire poem here.

  You must use the lines in their entirety. You may change punctuation and capitalize words, but you are not allowed to insert words in between parts of the lines/ sentence.

Here’s how to take part in the Prosery Prompt:

–   Write a piece of flash fiction or other prose of up to or exactly 144 words, including the given lines within your piece.

–   Post your Prosery piece on your blog and link back to this post.

–   Place the link to your actual post (not your blog or web site) in the Mister Linky site.

–   Don’t forget to check the little box to accept use/privacy policy

–   Please visit other blogs and comment on their posts!

Upcoming Event: This Thursday, August 19, Björn will host OPEN LINK NIGHT LIVE.  A prompt post will appear at the usual time, and you can link one poem in Mister Linky, as usual. You can also click on the Google link that will be posted there to take you to the live event.