Hi everyone!  Victoria C. Slotto is handling the session today!


Greetings dVerse Poets,

What a joy it is to be with you again after such a long absence. I wish I could say I will stay for good, but other needs have taken hold of my time. I’m grateful to Grace for inviting me to be a guest host today for Meeting the Bar.

I’ve noticed much creativity here in terms of form, so I’m choosing to take a form that Frank Hubeny has already covered for you while tweaking it just a bit. So let’s discuss Soliloquy…a literary device peculiar to drama but infused with a sense of poetry.

Soliloquy is a form of speech spoken aloud by a character but addressed to no one except his or her self. The purpose of the soliloquy is to allow the audience to get a glimpse of the character’s inner thoughts and feelings while keeping them hidden from the other characters. The soliloquy differs from a monologue in that the latter is spoken so that other characters may be made privy to the speaker’s point of view. A soliloquy can express thoughts, emotions, intentions, plans and desires. It can influence the unfolding of the plot and can create irony.

We find some of the greatest examples of soliloquy in the works of Shakespeare. Check out Hamlet or Othello for examples.

Now for the “Quoi?” (What?) part of the prompt. It’s obvious that I am asking you to write a soliloquy, but I would like you to make an effort to include some clear examples of one or more poetic devices of your choosing in your self-talk. Here is a Solilo-Quoi? I wrote for this prompt.




To be or not to be the poet I once knew.

My muse has scampered to places afar.

I mourn her loss yet embrace the present,

The biddings of my new North Star.


Should I regret the moments sparse

To voice my soul in pleasing verse?

To savor the delight of tasty words?

Or shall I just immerse


My Self, responding to the days’

Demands as they unfold.

Be still, my spirit for I know

And attend the challenges and joys

Of growing old.

I’ve attempted to include some loose rhyming schemes and meter, as well as enjambment and synesthesia. You will find prompts I have written previously on those last two devices are here and here.

To join in, simply write your poem and post it on your webpage. Copy and paste the URL of your post into Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post and remember to check the box re:  privacy policy, and leave a comment.  

Come on into the pub and visit the work of your fellow poets, leaving a comment for them. Above all, enjoy the opportunity dVerse offers us to explore creative expression and to share with fellow pubsters.  Guest-hosting today, this is Victoria—glad to be with you again.