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Hello team, Björn is here with greetings for a happy Valentine for everyone who celebrates it. I was so happy to host Prosery today which gives me the possibility to use the poem Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy.

Carol Ann Duffy is a Scottish Poet who was the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 2009-2019 when she was succeeded by Simon Armitage. She was the first woman, the first Scot and the first openly LGBTQ poet being a Poet Laureate. She has been featured many times at various prompts at dVerse, including one that was all inspired by one of her famous collections “The world’s wife”. I find her poetry accessible and easy to read.

I also think that her style of writing fit very well to incorporate into prose.

The line I have selected from Valentine is:

It is a moon wrapped in brown paper

If you haven’t read it before, it could be good not to read her poem so you can figure out yourself what it is all about.

For those who are new, Prosery is all about writing prose, inspired by poetry. Often the lines between poetry and prose are shadowy, but in general, I would say that the most important part that makes it prose is the lack of line-breaks for poetic effect. Personally, I often try to include a narrative, but that is not mandatory. It could be fiction, or it could be a true account. I think it would be interesting if anyone would do an essay.

The rules are simple:

Write a piece of prose that incorporates the given set of words and they have to come in exactly the order given, but you may break it up with punctuation.

The maximum number of words is 144 (which is a gross) including the given line. Many try to hit that mark exactly, but it’s not mandatory.

When you have written your prose, post it to your blog and link up at Mr. Linky below.

Remember to link back to dVerse, read other entries, and leave comments.

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