Hello friends and poets, Today is a public holiday in Sweden. It is Ascension day, a holiday without any strong traditions for most of us, but it is usually a couple of days of rest of for many a long weekend to finally open up your summer house and clean out winter. It is the time when the air is filled with the wonderful scent of bird-cherries. Soon there will be lilacs, and lily of the valley, so unless you are allergic this is wonderful time of the year.

It is time for us to bring out the barbecue, and eat dinner outside. It is a time when you have too many things to do to allow yourself to be lazy.

I have a had a little time off, from writing with friends visiting, going to theater and concerts, so today it feels great to invite you to another Open Link Night and this time we are doing it live. You have to opportunities, one now when the bar opens and the second on Saturday. Just click on the link and we will let you in.

Thursday 3PM EST Video call link: https://meet.google.com/zhm-nmzg-aff
Saturday 10AM EST Video call link: https://meet.google.com/xom-nodf-uzs

You may read the poem you have linked up any other poem, or you may just settle in and listen if you prefer to do that.

You can of course link up any one poem just as usual, comment and be commented upon. Remember to put the link directly to your post, not just to your site, and spend some time browsing around and comment on other poets’ work.