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Last week, Mark led us for Poetics to the wild and undiscovered corners of our soul.. and
today I’d love to take you back to childhood.

Do you remember afternoons, lying on the lawn, ice cream running warm and sticky down your arms and you were lost in other worlds..? Maybe you were just about to save a little boy from drowning… with Superman of course.. or plot a joke with Tick,Trick and Track.. or beating Romans with my hero Obelix… yes I confess… my childhood hero wasn’t Spiderman nor Batman but this fat and charming Gaul with a heart as big as the Menhirs he’s carrying around..

I think comic writers do an awesome job with modelling characters, they over-draw, they polarize and go to the extreme and we identify with their creations in the one or other way.

So the challenge for today is:

Take a comic character and write a poem about them, or maybe you want to create your very own comic hero..? do it.. and make us love, adore or hate them..

Write about someone who’s living in a comic, reads one or draws them..

Blur the worlds of phantasy and everyday…make us suffer, laugh or dream… thousands of opportunities… let’s have some fun together..

Here’s how it works…

    • Write your poem
    • Post it on your blog
    • Click the Mr. Linky button below, and in the new window that opens up input your name and direct url of the poem.
    • Visit others who have taken the challenge.
    • Take a sip from the magic potion we’re brewing..and maybe we will find some Romans…smiles