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dverselogoAh, hello there. Glad you stopped into the Pub today. It’s a good day for poetry isn’t it?

Welcome to Pretzels & Bullfights, my name is Brian Miller and I will be your host today. This week and next we have some special announcements. I’d really like to jump ahead to next week because I am rather excited for that one, but today’s are great opportunities as well. And next week’s will wait on the bookshelf a few more days. Smiles.

Do you have any plans to travel next January? Would you like to? How about India? One of our poets, Shashi is working with a non profit organization and trust, Paras Dharma Ashram, that is organizing a week long spiritual retreat in India and will be giving away one spot on the trip to one poet through a contest. To enter all you have to do is write a spiritual haiku. Judges will then determine a winner.

To learn more about the trip and how you can enter, please go here. How cool would it be to have a poet from the pub on the trip, bringing back all kinds of wonderful snapshots through poetry.

Also, Nain Rouge is open for submissions once again for Volume 2 Issue 2. Submissions are open until February 28th. To read the guidelines and instructions on where to submit, go here.

There you have it, two opportunities for you.

You will also notice some new faces behind the bar in the coming weeks. We have added two new pub tenders to the dVerse team. Grace (aka Heaven) and Tony will be hosting their first official OpenLinkNights in the month of February. Their bios are up on the dTeam page. Do take the opportunity to welcome them next time you see them.

Hope the day is well for you. Get your poems ready, we will be right back here tomorrow for OpenLinkNight at 3 PM EST and be sure to stop in next Monday for another special announcement.

See you out on the trail. ~ Brian