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Have you ever wondered how it would be to share a croissant and a café au lait in a small sidestreet place in Paris with Napoleon, or sitting on a bench in Amsterdam, talking to Van Gogh, his ear still bleeding?

Where would that conversation go? What questions would you ask Obama if you had the opportunity? Or if you met Dali?

I would ask him how it was when Gala read Alice in Wonderland to him. Did he grab his brush immediately to watercolor the white rabbit & & &? Did he like the story?

I wonder how we’d feel in their presence– relaxed or uneasy, even frightened or tremendously inspired?

cup of coffee /pic by c. schoenfeldFor most of us, meeting them in person will just stay a dream. In poetry though, (and this I really like a lot) many things are possible that aren’t in real life–

So for today I want to ask you to write a poem about an imagined conversation/interaction with a famous and/or historical person of your choice.

Let your imagination take over, feel free to go a bit surreal as well, mix times and places, blurr the lines but try to capture the essence of their character, what they live(d) for and believe(d) in.

Maybe you have someone on your mind already? If not, just pick a person that you always wanted to know a bit more about anyway, do some research on Google, about their values, achievements, struggles and glorious hours.

And then grab your pen, imagine yourself next to them, get the conversation started &

Woohoo– this pub will be a melting pot of history, fame and inspiring conversations by the end of the day… really looking forward to whom you’ll bring along in your poems..

If you’re here for the first time, here’s how it works–

  • Write your poem and post it to your blog
  • Click on the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name and url and click enter.
  • This is also where you will find the list of those that have also joined in—visit others, read, comment, meet new people—let people know what you think of their verse.
  • Feel free to share your link and a link to dverse using the social media of your choice.
  • Most of all… have fun..