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snowmen @ my parents’ house

it’s snowing again.

we got six inches of the white stuff yesterday. another inch over night.

my family stayed at my parents rather than risking roads that were a mess. they’re clear today, but

it’s snowing again.

just when i thought Spring was here.

let’s think warm thoughts today. what do you look forward to in Spring?

don’t tell my wife, but i actually look forward to mowing the grass. it is like a meditation for me, working in ever diminishing circles around the yard.

i look forward to color & t-shirts.

ice cream at the roadside stand. mmmm.

anyone going anywhere on Spring break?

mine is next week. i will be working on grad school papers & hanging out with my youngest son. my oldest son is going on an extended field trip with my mom to historic places around the state. she does it with each grandchild when they turn ten.

maybe if we all write about Spring tomorrow it will really happen.


just a thought.

only i wrote about snow for mine already.

so, what do you look forward to in Spring?

even if it is not spring where you are, what do you look forward to?

it’s snowing, still.

SPLAT. (sorry, don’t know who threw that snowball)

see you right back here tomorrow, for OLN. Until then, ~Brian