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…smiles… that’s about the only thing probably that Alice in Wonderland and Advent… the pre-christmas time have in common… still… both are our inspiration servers for Poetics this week… and why’s that…?

flying by c. schoenfeldBecause both of them are timely topics — we’re right in the middle of Advent (one day I will share my Advent wreath story… i LOVE Advent wreaths… and my fam FEARS the day of the first of Advent cause they never know what off-beat piece they have to endure for the next four weeks in our living room… yes… they’re suffering.. badly… smiles)

And Alice..? Well… I very seldom watch tv – but I did last week and by accident stumbled into the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp playing the hatter and Ann Hathaway the white queen… and I loved it.. and it moved me on a deeper level… and I was carrying some thoughts around me still when I boarded the train to Munich…

so… it’s your choice… you can either write a pre-christmas Advent poem… preparation… tradition…decoration… share your Advent story with us or even give the christmas decoration a voice

or… write an Alice in Wonderland poem… about her, one of the characters or in the style of it.. off-beat conversations.. poems which tell a wondrous story… let’s fly a bit… smiles

And if you’re here for the first time…. this is how it works..

  • Write a poem that fits the prompt above
  • Post it on your blog then copy the direct URL to your poem and copy it together with your name in the Mr. Linky widget above
  • Read others that have linked up with us as well and leave them a comment on their blog
  • Have fun… and most important… beware of the Jabberwocky… smiles