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The day after Valentine’s Day can be a crash. Like watching a kid come off a sugar high. Zoom, whirl, flash and then the hangover.
There are corny Valentines (I dare you to Google vintage Indian Valentines!) and some that nowdays would just be so wrong. Yet they all have one thing in common. They are celebrating love.
I was going to have you write to your beloved – person, place or thing – using the sappy greeting card poetic language we all cringe while reading.
Then my own beloved came up with another idea I quite like more.
Short and maybe-not-so-sweet love poetry. Without using common love language.
Husband yesterday was a treat.
We danced on our own two feet.
Thanks for saving my toes.
That’s how being with you goes.
Rhyme is not required, but is sort of a traditional fun part of the Valentine poetry tradition.
If you want an extra challenge make them American Sentences  or Haiku.
It doesn’t have to be to a person, it can be to the dog, the cat, the car. Anything that has a place in your life that you feel love or affection for.
Winter has stayed, stayed so long.
The magic is lost, no music. No song.
Spring a not-so secret tease, 
Leaves me begging, Come please!
Have some fun, be inspired, and share photos or sketches of your subjects if you want. Let’s come of the Valentine’s Day sugar high gently with some fun. I think all our weather smacked, winter weary souls need some lightness and fun!
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