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Today I thought we should try out a genre that’s a blend of journalism and poetry. When I grew up there was almost always a “dagsvers” (dayly verse) in the light page of the newspaper. These are short, often rhymed verse that in a compact form commenting recent events. They were often combined with a drawing. According to the internet this type of poetry is limited to the Nordic countries, but I would love to be proven wrong. But when I google daily verse, I get a bible verse, which is not what I’m after today. The closest in English poetry is probably the poetry found in publications like Punch magazine.

First magazine cover for the magazine Punch

First magazine cover for the magazine Punch

So today I want you to write a brief comment in simple poetic form, it’s a good idea to use humor and/or irony, and maybe even satire to get your point through. Forms like limericks or nursery rhyme are excellent. If you have the ability it would be great if you can combine it with a drawing. Remember this is poetry to make impact. To be chuckled at, or maybe even choke to your morning coffee. and maybe even making your targeted angry. When thinking of this poetry I came across this piece by a poet friend that I thought could illustrate what I want for today. It might not be rhymed, but palindrome poetry works just as well.

Non-existent and brittle Kingdom
Illusion is Queen
Left is right and right left
Political confusion
Entry denied
Denied entry
Confusion political
Left right and right is left
Queen is illusion
Kingdom brittle and non-existent

(Sumana Roy)

So today I want you to take the newspaper, focus on being a poetic journalist. Make a point and utilize the tools of irony and humor to comment burning events- Today is not the day to be subtle or speak in metaphors but rather blunt and straightforward, and if you dare, add your own drawing.

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