Anthony Desmond

Anthony Desmond

Today we’re talking to one of the newer members of the dVerse Staff: Anthony Desmond. Let’s begin with a poem.


The cool:
A conformist
A lie so supple
A truth that’s decrepit
One becomes obsolete
A disposition
Like that of a villain
A casual menace
For casual glances
Intrigued stares
And a light smirk
For the Gods
From a Goddess
Blows a kiss
© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.


Anthony, at 16, with his mom

Anthony, at 16, with his mom

Tell us about yourself, Anthony.

I’m from Detroit and raised in Center Line, MI. I was home schooled by my mother
and decided I wanted to pursue writing right after I got my diploma. I enjoy bio-energetics, taking walks and hanging out with my buddies; reading, playing video games, watching documentaries & artist profiles. I’m also a music addict: Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and Elvis Costello are some of my favs.

Do you ever feel satisfied with your poetry?

No. I’m my own biggest critic and I’m always pushing myself to do better. I’m not as a hard on myself as I used to be, though. A couple years ago, I drove myself into an almost depressive state.
I didn’t take breaks from writing, everything I did was a poem in my head, I felt lost all the time;
I almost forgot who I was in the process. So, I took two months away from poetry and did some soul searching. I’m currently finishing up my manuscript, keeping submissions out all year round and blogging, so it can be a bit overwhelming… but I have a pretty good balance now; I won’t be
going insane anytime soon.

What would you like to see your poetry evolve into?

An empire. I’m pursuing a career out of poetry – and my dreams scare the fuck out of me – but
I continue to dive in head first because I love poetry, deeply. Somehow, someway, my work will be a part of a movement that further kicks doors open for us. I want people to see that this art form
is of value: it has powers to heal the spirit just like music and the power to move you like a movie. I want more poets to realize that it’s not just a hobby. There are a lot of poets who make a living from this: Phil Kaye, Anthony Anaxagorou, & Robert Montgomery to name a few. And it’s not just about
trying to get money, it’s about getting poets to see that poetry isn’t a dead end road and we don’t have
to settle for crumbs.

In what direction do you think you feel you would like to go?

Even though barely any of my work is “lighthearted” per say, I’m open to everything & don’t keep myself in a box when it comes to what direction calls. I like to cover a lot of different topics from a point of view that reveals a grittiness most would rather not face. Whatever I choose to write about, I speak from the subject, no matter how offensive it may be. It’s not for shock value, but simply because I want what needs to be said in the forefront.

IMG_20130331_074055How do you really feel about straight-forward constructive criticism, particularly if it is very pointed?

I’d rather hear the harsh truth than be fed bullshit; it’s a grain of salt to me, either way.
I feel like this: there are people who think my work is great the way it is & there
are people who think my work is crap and tell me I should change numerous things about it.
Of course, I learn from others, but at the end of the day, it’s only up to me to question my own writing and raise the bar… sort of an outer body experience.

What do you think makes you the poet you are today?

Frank Stanford, an open-mind and a constant urge for knowledge.

How do you decide what’s next?

Every time I finish a piece I really love, I think to myself, “how am I gonna top this?”.
Honestly, I never know how, or what’s next. I practice being in the moment and I let whatever
other-worldly beings guide me and I write what’s being passed through me. It’s hasn’t failed me yet.

 Here’s another wonderful poem.


How can God imagine
if he created it all?
that is the underlined question
the underlying fear of
most daily nightmares
when you’re hanging on
to your last dollar bill
you ask for some change
and get nothing but
an ear full of pity
you politely give a fuck you
in return
hatred for hatred
unknown for unknown
I kicked religion in the ass
I’ve been my own God
for some time
now I can’t imagine
and I created nothing
not even my own future
because that’s the doing of
someone’s past
and will ultimately become
someone’s present
because of me
© Anthony Desmond Scott. All Rights Reserved.


Where can we connect with you, Anthony?
Here are my social media links:
Blogger: http://glassstaircase.blogspot.com/
Tumblr: http://egospersonae.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/
G+: https://plus.google.com/+AnthonyDesmond/posts

Thanks, Anthony. Now for some questions from our readers. Have at it, friends!