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Poets BallI’m late…

i’m late…

for a very important date…

ha ha….welcome everyone! To the d’Verse Poets Ball…

where we come to celebrate…

3 years of slinging words together, metaphors we bent into shapes that barely resemble where they started…of fitting ourselves into form, like last years dress (oh i could lose a few pounds and take a pilates class, and it would fit just right — wait, i don’t wear a dress…ahem)

of friendships, born on the care to enter conversations and share our thoughts and feeling with one another, and of those that have fallen this year, who passed on to write poetry in the beyond, or elsewhere

of late nights, of words, of seeing our dreams come to life, and those we put back on the shelf, of uncocooning our loneliness & frivolity, in line and stanzas

to those brave enough to throw up their kilt to reflect the sun, and toss a sword in the field and call it freedom, finding rhythm, chasing rhyme (& one day i will get meter)

this is not us

it is them, those whose arm you are on, whose ear you bend, who take up the pen and poem, tonight we celebrate all that is & inspires, all we could be & all we will, from the little child scratching their first, to the more experienced putting down their worst (ha) — shore to shore & around the world

what is seen // what is heard // what we read // what we hear

this is POETry!

photo by The Doodler

photo by The Doodler

Enjoy yourself this evening, we chose the Boboli Gardens to gather — i mean how much more inspiring can we get, so many statues, the hedge maze, i hear there are secret passages — all the food you brought from around the world, and even the journey you took to get here…tell us, tell us some of it…

foodfeel free to dance in the comments, to converse, to share the recipe for that delicious thing you brought, oh my and where did you get that outfit —

write a poem about it — any of it, all of it, whether inspired by the gardens, the journey, what you brought or what you are wearing — celebrate, have fun…we own this night & under its stars, we are one.

& if you are new, welcome, here is how it works:

  • write a poem to the prompt and post it to your blog or webpage
  • click on the Mr Linky button below and enter your name and web address to your poem
  • there you will find others that wrote…visit them, mingle, create community — this is our greatest asset — each other and learning through verse
  • feel free to ping us on social media, if you us the tag @dversepoets or #dversepoets it will make it easier for us to find you
  • have fun.

See you, out on the trail.  ~Brian