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I wonder how many of you poets, frequenters of dVerse, share a love for art or even engage in one art form or another: painting, photography, sculpture, dancing, music…well over 90% I would guess. I dabble in a few of the above and, if time were not so much of an issue, would want to do more.

Recently, I read a poem posted by RMP (who manages to remain quite anonymous) that inspired this post.

Where Colors Are Lacking

If I could paint you,
I’d paint you
in heart

imbued with compassion that understands truths
infused with love that looks beyond perceptions
ingrained with generosity that awakens others eyes

If I could paint you,
I’d paint you
in stain glass

forged with lost hearts squirreled away
fashioned with broken souls gathered close
framed with shattered minds secured together

If I could paint you,
I’d paint you
in _________

saturated with inspiring and enduring support
steeped with enduring and empowering strength
suffused with empowering and uplifting hope

If I could paint you,
I’d paint you
a flickering light
drawn to the shadows
staving off the darkness
illuminating lost truths & shattered hopes

Photo: Home and Garden Charm

Photo: Home and Garden Charm

When I read it, I thought of the fun I’ve had writing poems that incorporated techniques of art—what powerful tropes we can unearth in brush strokes, modeling clay, lining up the perfect shot.

For today’s prompt, I invite you to pen a poem that uses something related to an art technique as a metaphor to deliver your message. And I double-dog dare-you to include a photo of your own work in whatever medium you play with.

Here’s another example of a short poem I wrote years ago that demonstrates what I mean.


An artist hurls red rage
onto canvas in
heavy layers of pain.
Stand close to study
the texture and
you will bleed.

Copyright: RMP 2014, Used with permission.

Photo: CelticKawaii

Photo: CelticKawaii

For the newbies among you, here’s how to link up:

• Write your poem and post it on your personal blog or website;
• Copy the direct URL of your post and paste it into the Mr. Linky, along with your name. He’s waiting for you at the bottom of this post;
• Come back to the Pub and spend a little time reading other poems and commenting on them;
• Broadcast your participation on your Social Media sites;
• Have fun!

Thanks for joining. This is Victoria, serving up virtual Absinthe aux cafés de Paris. Bienvenue! And special thanks to RMP.

P.S.–I will be away much of the day and evening, but count on me–I look forward to visiting everyone, eventually.

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