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dverselogoWhat a weekend…my grandmother had a heart attack on Saturday, and fell. After three years falling at Christmas and breaking things, we thought she might be in the clear for the year. These things happen though, and at 93 she is finally deciding perhaps she does need a bit of help. Maybe this time it broke a bit of her headstrong nature, instead of a bone.

So, it’s Monday — start of the week, let’s get our poetry humming, why dont we…I’ve been playing a bit with micropoetry again, behind the scenes. Quick impressions.

It’s funny, what got me to thinking about it was sitting and watching the news…many of the news stations, weather and even sports have the headlines scrolling across the bottom. Quick little snippets of information. And it got me thinking of poetry.

Let’s have a go at it.

In the comments, dash off a quick 3 line poem with a bit of news from your life, or something that caught your attention this last week. No linking. No poems at your website. Let’s just pretend we are passing verse across the fence, or out by the clothesline.

I’ll set us up…so I can sit back and listen.