This weekend I have started to write my first short story ever. Well a short story couldn’t be all that long, just 3000-4000 words, but after almost 1000 words of writing, I realize how long it is… Pheew!! If poetry is inspiration and weighing each word carefully, this is close to actual work.

Why on earth am I telling you this?

A pub need it's restroom

A pub needs its restroom

I know we are each and every one of us travelling on different roads where we are learning, developing our abilities as authors and poets, and searching for that perfect poem. Last autumn I took a course in Creative Writing (yes there are English courses in creative writing here in Stockholm). Through that course I am now involved in writing a collaborative book. We are about 20 local authors who are doing this great project together.

This got me thinking…

I have often directed my author friends to old prompts here, to give inspiration to their writing, there are so many great prompts here that work both in prose and poetry. There are a huge amount of inspiration at this site. Not only in the prompts but in all the poetry that is linked to each prompt. Poetry you have written.

Many of the authors in my Stockholm group have came a lot further than me in their writing ability, but what I lack in writing I have learned in collaboration, because here we teach each other through the prompts, we give each other encouragement and feedback, and we exhibit our own poetry. What we have here is in essence a big collaboration.

So this winding road took me here… now you tell me:

How do you think we can collaborate even more for all of us to grow as poets and authors?
What do we need less of, what do we need more?

I have thousands of other questions, but let’s just start talking: